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 Retiree Workshops: Sign up to ‘Walk into Retirement’

Entering retirement is a big step, especially for members of Ontario’s education community, many of whom have dedicated their life to their job.

Join us for a hands-on workshop where you can set yourself up for a successful transition. During this workshop, you’ll learn about:

  • Retiree health insurance benefits
    • Why RTIP is the #1 choice for plan flexibility regarding your health and finances
    • Only plan to offer choice  with your Health, travel and dental
  • Group Home and Auto insurance
  • Life insurance solutions tailored to retiree needs and planning
  • Tax and estate planning before and after retirement
  • RRSPs and Investments preparations
  • CPP and OAS
  • Lending strategies

This complimentary workshop is open only to members and spouses. It covers valuable information that will be useful to all those planning to retire within the next five years.


If the retirement workshop you are looking for doesn’t appear in the drop-down list below, the workshop may be at maximum capacity. To inquire about this or to cancel your participation in a workshop, please contact otipevents@otip.com.

Please note the workshop on May 16, 2017 in Ottawa is currently at capacity.
Due to high demand we have opened a second session May 18, 2017. Please see below for details.


'Walk into Retirement with a Plan' - Workshop Registration

Please use the form below and register for the complimentary workshop of your choice, presented by OTIP.

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